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Working memory is the cognitive ability to briefly remember information and use this information in our thinking. We use our working memory for a number of things, including remembering instructions about what to do next, reading and remembering what we’ve read, problem-solving, and focusing on the task at hand without being distracted. Working memory is a core factor driving learning, learning problems and attention.

Cogmed Qualified Practice

Cogmed training is a personalized, on-line, cognitive training designed to improve working memory, leading to better attention and impulse control. Research and experience show that attention deficits are largely caused by poor working memory. The research breakthrough behind Cogmed is that working memory can be improved by Cogmed training. Focused and intensive training of working memory using Cogmed generalizes to behavior improvements, including increased ability to stay on-task, follow instructions, and resist distractions. Cogmed training provides an evidence-based, non-pharmacological intervention with an 80% effectiveness rate in improving working memory and attention. It is effective for both adults and children, down to age 4. Research using Cogmed working memory training has shown improvements in non-verbal problem solving, impulse control, reading comprehension, and mathematical problem solving. Visit their website at to read more about their research findings.

There is no need for a neuropsychological assessment before starting training. Dr. Veltkamp and her qualified Cogmed coaches will determine if you have a working memory deficit and what program will be most effective for your working memory training. The training consists of 25 sessions; a training session with Cogmed takes 30-45 minutes a day to complete. Training usually occurs 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Simply fill out the initial questionnaire and return to Dr. Veltkamp’s office.

Cogmed questionnaire

Our office will contact you to set up your training session and begin your working memory training.